How do I login to edit my screens?

If your setup included self managed updates you can log on and make changes to your page here A user name and password will be required which will have been sent when your system was set up. If you need a reminder or change of user details please raise a support ticket.

How do I update my screen?

Areas of your screen can be made editable for text and images. You can have multiple entries for both areas. If you have been given access to parts of your screen to update simply log in and select the screen you want to update from the list.

Do I need to supply images in any special size or format?

Images must be sent to the screen as jpg and in the correct size. Details of sizes will have been sent during set up – if you would like to double check this please raise a support ticket.

Can I get help changing my content?

You can change and add to content at anytime or adjust aspects a contents size or timing – simply sent your request by raising a support ticket. If the work is outside the scope of your support agreement we will still be able to make the changes for you but a small charge may apply which we will inform you of before starting any work.

My content isn't updating what should I do?

If the content is updating on your screen preview in your browser but not on your screen it suggests your media box’s link to the internet is broken or blocked from accessing the Internet. It is always a good first step to power cycle your media box by turning off for 15 seconds and turning back on. If the screen has passed its update window and not refreshed, please check it has a live and unblocked connection to the Internet – unsecured cables, network switches and firewalls can affect this too. If you’re still having problems after making these initial checks then raise a support ticket.

Read more help articles in our knowledgbase.

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