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Full screen posters can look just like their printed versions but have the huge advantage of being able to display many messages in the same space.

Ideal Solution

Branded access to location based information can also add to the customer experience.

Responsive Service

Many use their window space to display static posters or hand write the odds on template posters. A digital display can use movement and be ever changing to attract more customers, it also makes distributing sales messages quick and easy.

Intuitive Interface

There are several ways to update your screens as we aim to make things as simple as possible.

There is a Digital Signage revolution going on as more and more shops look for new ways to attract and engage customers. Research suggests that adoption will continue at an astronomical rate.

Bet Signage was created to provide support to the betting industry with their Digital Signage. This makes it very easy to have the right equipment, excellent design and content management to ensure displays are vibrant and dynamic.

Bet Signage’s advantage lies within its operating model, this offers a single point of accountability. Bet Signage’s key value proposition is centered on providing you with a visual communications solution that is simple to maintain and will inform, entertain and/or positively influence a viewer’s behavior for a long time to come.

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We have a MYLOOK screen in the reception of our new head office. It’s the first thing visitors see when they walk in so it absolutely has to be right first time. MYLOOK took my ideas and turned them into a reality by bespoke designing the presentations and messages.

Chris Houghton

CEO, eVentura

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