We are really happy to be able to share this moment with you.

So What’s New?
Well, one big change is that we’ve added this Blog so that we can engage and communicate with you about events, offers, industry news, product developments and more. Our Blog will work hand-in-hand with our Social Media channels allowing you to keep up to date with happenings with the greatest of ease.

Another big difference is that the new site is “Mobile Friendly”. We embrace new “Tech” and we understand that people have busy lives too and sometimes (or many times according to the statistics), people only have time to drop by on their mobile phone or tablet. With this in mind we have taken the plunge and given you a website that will work just as well on your mobile phone or tablet as it does on your laptop or desktop.

It’s our intention to continuously develop our new site by regularly adding more content, we have plans afoot already for more real photos of real installations, more rich media, downloads and we have some cool interactive tools to come soon too.

If you’re looking to contact or engage with us then there are lots of ways to do this and you won’t be stuck for a quick easy way to send us a message or to get in touch in a way that suits you:

Contact Forms:
The new website has contact forms in all the right places, so there’s no excuse, you really can very easily drop us a line and “Get In Touch”, don’t be shy! If it’s a quote you want then simply add your phone number and we will call you back with all the information you need and we will do it quickly.

Social Media:
“We are Social!”, we are real people who have been very social with our customers for a very long time, since before social media. It is 2015 however and we embrace new technologies, so we are also social online too. You can find us, like us, poke us, love us, review us, tweet @us or get in touch and engage with us via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and soon more social hubs too. We love people and community so Social work really well for us, it allows us to extend our family and community reach even further to include our customers.

Good old email. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with e-mail if that’s your thing and don’t believe what you read, it’s far from dead, not everyone is ready to tweet! You can email our team at: sales@twsleeds.com anytime you like and you can be sure to get a speedy reply.

We have a local-rate number (0345 142 1004)  and we don’t hide our numbers they are everywhere and as the message accompanying them says, “We ARE here to help!”. We really mean this absolutely sincerely, call us up at no obligation, we will always be glad to hear from you.

Live Chat:
Look out during business hours for the Live Chat widget at the bottom of the website. This will tell you when we’re online to take Live Web Chat requests. Chat can help answer quick questions and it helps us help you find the information you need there and then.

Support Helpdesk:
We’ve also launched an online helpdesk and knowledge base at https://mylook.zendesk.com so that you can reach our technical team easily. We’re also building out our technical knowledgebase articles there too so that you’ll soon be able to find answers to many commonly asked questions. There’s a handy “Help” widget at the bottom right of every page on the site too, you can use this to raise a technical ticket and you can also raise a ticket by simply emailing support@mylook.ltd.uk.

Thank you so much for being a customer, a visitor or just a passer by, everyone is welcome, check back soon and see what we’re doing, maybe even connect with us we would love to hear from you!

All the best from the team at MYLOOK!